As much as I wholeheartedly believe in the purpose and effectiveness of metaphysical, energetic, psychic, and holistic driven wellness modalities - it is important and vital that I provide you with a disclaimer for legal purposes.


I, Ashley Clifton, and my DBA licensed business of Clifton's Wellness, are in no way providing health care that is created to replace that of a licensed medical professional, such as a primary care physician or mental health provider.


By scheduling or requesting any services, appointments, or consultations with me, Ashley Clifton - DBA Clifton's Wellness, or when communicating and paying for any services offered, you are consciously agreeing to having read my disclaimer that you understand and willingly enter into.


Any information that you receive from any service, appointment, consultation, and/or conversation is rendered as such with the purpose of being educational, inspirational, informative, spiritual, and for entertainment purposes. Nothing provided by Ashley Clifton and Clifton's Wellness is meant to be intended or meant to take the place of medical, legal, financial, psychological, or other professional areas of licensed providers.


What you decide to do with the information and guidance provided by Ashley Clifton and Clifton's Wellness is entirely up to you, of your own free choice and responsibility. The services offered by Ashley Clifton and Clifton's Wellness do not, in any way whatsoever, replace the professional services of a qualified medical expert.

I am not rendering medical advice, medical treatment, or as a medical diagnostic tool. By scheduling any sort of holistic wellness appointment or service with me, you are agreeing to not hold me liable in any way, and you are expressing that you understand the services offered by Ashley Clifton and/or Clifton's Wellness are done so as informative and teaching resources only.


It is to be known publicly that I hold a current license within the state of Arkansas for that of Licensed Massage Therapist, with a license number of 8069, that is governed and managed by the Arkansas Department of Health.


The areas of certification and experience that are held otherwise are not legally licensed or controlled by a governing body within the state of Arkansas, such as Reiki Energy Healing, Yoga, Meditation, and Intuitive Guidance.


You agree to hold myself, Ashley Clifton, and my business of Clifton's Wellness, completely free of blame. Included within this indemnification are my website, my blog, my Instagram, Facebook, and social media accounts. The aforementioned entities are free from any blame for possible losses, liabilities, damages, and harm that may arise from the use of myself, my services, and my communications.

In summary: I know what I'm doing, but I'm not a doctor, so please don't sue me.





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