How can I help you? How can we work together to create a unique session for you to address what it is you're seeking? How can I best utilize my education, licensures, degrees, and experience to help improve your quality of life?


The largest majority of client interactions that I have on a week-to-week basis consists of conversations surrounding what the client needs. It only makes sense to create a unique service to provide a space for such conversations and inquiries.

There is no situation too large or too small. There is no issue at hand that is too strange, bizarre, out of left field, or downright weird.

Intuitive Guidance sessions are created with the intention of holding space for you while we work together to figure out a way to help with whatever issue it is that you seek guidance on.


Whether that's guidance with crystal healing, seeking psychic feedback connected to a disruptive energy within your home environment, or anything and everything in-between -- an Intuitive Guidance session can serve you.

How do I know an intuitive guidance session might be right for me?

  • You're experiencing a difficult situation within your life, and would like the intuitive and psychic feedback of a professional to help guide you with what choices to make next.

  • You would like to implement crystals into your day-to-day life to help aide in metaphysical and energetic healing, but have no idea where to begin.

  • There's an unsettling and disruptive energy within your home environment, that you believe is of a paranormal connection, but don't know how to approach it or how to protect your space.

  • You feel that you yourself have psychic and intuitive abilities, but don't really understand what they are, where they're coming from, or how to work with them and would like to learn more from a reliable source.

  • You need someone to connect with that understands the metaphysical and energetic sides of life, such as in connection to psychic abilities, ghosts, spirits, the dead, and all things unseen by most.


  • You feel that you would like to have a holistic wellness session or service with me, but aren't totally sure what it is that your body, mind, and spirit need the most.

  • Insert literally any situation that life throws your way here, and an Intuitive Guidance session can help. I promise.



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