past life regression

Past life memories, trauma, and experiences are the autobiography of your soul. Connecting to your past lives and past lived experiences can provide a better understanding and explanation for who you are, your purpose, and what role you're meant to play throughout this lifetime.

Past Life Regression sessions serve as a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing one or more of your past lives directly. Over the last fifty years, Past Life Regression therapy and sessions have grown to be a truly important and valid aspect of the healing arts.

With the guidance and assistance of a trained professional, such as myself, you can experience a regression session to help you shift personal relationships into a new perspective, tap into abilities and hidden talents, release fears and anxieties from past lives that connect to this current life, gain a deeper understanding of trauma and health issues experienced today that are connected to undealt with past life issues, and much more.

Ashley's personal experience with past life regression

I experienced my first ever Past Life Regression session approximately two years ago. I remember seeking out this modality after a mutual acquaintance shared of her own firsthand experience with a local hypnotist who guided her through her own past life regression session. The profound feedback and healing that she shared with me were intriguing, and I knew this was something I had to learn more about.

I researched a bit online about Past Life Regression therapists before deciding upon a class to enroll within where I would be trained firsthand on how to lead my own sessions for clients, as well as being led through sessions myself so that I could experience every aspect of what this unique modality has to offer.

I remember lying on the floor of my bedroom on my yoga mat, comfortably propped up in a comfortable position with my yoga blocks and pillows, and being lead through a deeply powerful guided meditation where I was introduced to two previous life versions of my soul. One was a Sioux woman that was impregnated by a soldier where my entire family was slaughtered as casualties of war, and another version was a long-haired medicine woman in a local small-town community where I was burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials.

As absurd as this might sound to some, I experienced moments during this guided regression session that helped make sense of relational patterns in this lifetime. I grew to understand my deeply intense fear of fire and heights. I was able to better understand exactly who the Spirit Guides are that I've encountered within this lifetime. And in the two years passed since being walked through my first ever Past Life Regression session, so many of the déjà vu moments I experience are clearly moments that I'm re-living in this lifetime.

I am a firm believer that our souls have been incarnated for many, many lifetimes. This isn't our spirit's first experience here on this planet, and Past Life Regression therapy has personally shifted my perspective in so many ways. It's my honor and pride to now be certified as a Past Life Regression therapist to lead and guide others through the profound healing and enlightening modality that I've found so very meaningful in the last few years.

how does past life regression work?

After a brief consultation, you will be led through a deeply hypnotic guided meditation. During this guided imagery meditation, you will be introduced to a past life or multiple past lives.

You will see it, sense it, and live it during this session. You will be the central character during your session, deeply involved in your past life's story.


Past Life Regression sessions are full-sensory experiences and very involved. A safe, quiet space is required of you during your session time where you will not be interrupted whatsoever.

Each person experiences their regression session differently. For some, it's like walking through a movie, and for others, it is like receiving intense flashes of an experience lived.

As your session deepens, you will experience multiple emotions and sensations. Fear, anger, betrayal, sadness, happiness, joy, and so much more.

Physical sensations and emotions can be experienced, too. Examples of physical sensations one might experience could be the pain of an injury, the emotions of a relationship, and more.


These sensations and emotions are intense in the moment, but will pass as you move throughout your regression safely with Ashley as your guide.

how does past life regression work?

Past Life Regression sessions are offered in 3-hour increments, broken down into two separate appointments.

  • Your first appointment session will be 2-hours in length, and consists of your consultation and Past Life Regression session.

  • Your second appointment will be scheduled one week after your initial appointment, and consists of a 1-hour follow-up.

You do not have to have a personal or spiritual belief in past lives or reincarnation to experience or schedule a Past Life Regression session.

A computer, smartphone, or tablet is required for your appointment session as we will meet one-on-one online via a video chat medium.

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