• Returns are not accepted. No exceptions. All sales are final.



  • I utilize the United States Postal Service (i.e. USPS) for all orders. International orders are also shipped via USPS. All shipments are automatically insured up to $25 of the value of your order if you ship via First Class, and up to $50 if you choose to ship via Priority. If you desire additional insurance for your order, please contact me directly or provide an additional note at the time of your order. A separate invoice for the additional insurance coverage will be issued, and your item will not be shipped until your additional insurance coverage invoice is paid for. Shipping times may be delayed with USPS due to the COVID19 pandemic.

  • A tracking number is provided to you via email for all orders upon shipping. Please utilize this in the tracking of your item, and turn to it before reaching out with questions regarding where your order is in transit. Allow 24 hours from the time your item is shipped for your tracking number to be updated with transit information. Shipping times may be delayed with USPS due to the COVID19 pandemic.

  • As soon as your ordered item(s) is handed over to the USPS, it is out of our hands. Literally. We are not responsible for any damage that may happen to your item(s) during transit. We are also not responsible for lost or missing items.



  • IN-STOCK ITEMS: 'In-Stock' refers to items that are pre-made or that do not require handcrafting, such as crystals, holistic and wellness items, and certain jewelry items that cannot be re-sized or changed. Please allow 2 - 5 Business Days processing time from the moment your order is placed. In-Stock items are already made, and ready to ship out from the moment you place your order. Please allow me some time to gather, package, and ship.

  • MADE-TO-ORDER ITEMS: 'Made-to-Order' means that I get to work on making your handcrafted item as soon as you place your order, such as stretchy crystal bracelets, LYNN Minimalist Necklaces, and similar style items. Please allow made-to-order items 3 to 5 Business Days to process and ship out.

  • CUSTOM ORDERS: At this current time, custom and commissioned items and handcrafted jewelry designs are unavailable. 



  • There are two secure payment methods provided on our website during your checkout process: Square and PayPal. Both allow credit card and debit card processing securely and proficiently.

  • Payment plans are not currently available for any items.


  • In the event that your handcrafted jewelry item becomes damaged or broken during wear, we do offer a repair service. Please be mindful when requesting repairs that you, as the buyer, are responsible for any and all costs involved with repairs. Costs include but are not limited to return shipping, additional materials required, packaging and handling fees, time, and similarly related items. While it's of utmost importance you're happy with your handcrafted jewelry item, please be aware that your requested repair may accrue a fee or fees. A repair pricing quote will be shared with you prior to you requesting a repair service.


  • To avoid the need of re-sizing a handcrafted jewelry item, please be fully confident in your selected size when placing your order. Many items, such as Sterling Silver handcrafted items, are extremely difficult to re-size, and oftentimes unable to have any sort of changes done to the item.

  • A re-sizing service is available, if the item is applicable and appropriate to be re-sized, at an additional cost to you as the buyer. A pricing quote will be provided to you prior to requesting a re-sizing service.

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