• Due to the nature of creating handcrafted goods, I do not accept returns on any items. All sales are final. 

  • In the rare event that a return is allowed for any particular reason that is determined by my discretion, your original purchase amount will be provided back to you in the form of a store credit. Your store credit will be credited to you in the amount of your purchased item(s), minus shipping and handling.



  • I utilize the United States Postal Service (i.e. USPS) for all of my orders. International orders are also shipped via USPS. All shipments are automatically insured up to $25 of the value of your order. If you desire additional insurance for your order, please contact me directly or provide an additional note at the time of your order. A separate invoice for the additional insurance coverage will be issued, and your item will not be shipped until your additional insurance coverage invoice is paid for.

  • A shipping tracking number is provided to you via email for all orders upon shipping. Please utilize this in the tracking of your item, and turn to it before reaching out to me with questions regarding where your order is in transit. Allow 24 hours from the time your item is shipped for your tracking number to be updated with transit information.

  • As soon as I drop off your order for shipment at the postal office, I no longer have any control over the shipping process. This includes the handling and care of your item(s) ordered. I do a thorough job in packaging all items safely, but sometimes, mishandling and lost items unfortunately happen. I am not responsible for damaged items, missing packages, or delayed deliveries after my initial dispatch of your order.

  • Since 2016 and some 500+ orders later, not once has an order gone missing during shipment. Damaged packages and damaged items has also never happened with U.S. based orders or International orders. With that being said, I fully trust USPS to deliver your item in a safe and reliable manner. In the event that this doesn't happen, and your item arrives damaged or goes missing, I am not responsible. All issues regarding your shipped item needs to be dealt directly with USPS. It is beyond my control once the shipment leaves my hands.



  • IN-STOCK ITEMS: 2 - 5 Business Days processing time from the moment your order is placed. In-Stock items are already made, and ready to ship out from the moment you place your order. Please allow me some time to gather, package, and ship.

  • MADE-TO-ORDER ITEMS: 14 Business Days process time from the moment your order is placed. Made-To-Order items mean that I actually have to make the item that you ordered. My turnaround time is often quicker than the two-week allowed cushion, so please note I'm working as hard as possible to get your item to you as soon as I can.

  • CUSTOM ORDERS: At this current time, custom and commissioned items are unavailable. Please pay close attention to my Instagram and email newsletters to catch announcements for when custom design slots become available in the future.



  • There are two secure payment methods provided on my website during your checkout process: Square and PayPal. Both allow credit and debit card processing securely and proficiently.

  • Payment plans are not currently available for any items, including custom designs. 



  • Please, please, please do not blindly guess on sizes when placing an order. Most items cannot be easily re-sized, nor is re-sizing something that I offer often on many different items - especially those of Sterling Silver design as it's nearly impossible to de-construct an item once its been made.

  • If you desire re-sizing, please communicate with me as soon as possible. Please be mindful that resizing may simply not be possible for your particular jewelry item though. I am not responsible for any incorrect sizing on your behalf. Re-sizing and such changes to items will accrue additional fees.



  • I take great pride and caution with all handmade items to ensure that they last a lifetime. However, shit happens. In the event that your handcrafted item breaks or needs repairing, I will happily provide repairs for you. Please note that additional costs may accrue, and some items simply may not be repaired or require extensive work to repair.

  • Shipping and handling, changes, or additional components may also accrue additional charges.

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