The Moon is forever growing and shrinking in its illumination phases. In approximately one month's time, the Moon will go through a complete phase cycle: new moon, full moon, first quarter, third quarter, and all of the phases in-between.


Just as with our own lives, we go through phases. Some are harder than others, some are far easier and often go unnoticed, and then there are all of the in-between moments. No matter what phase or chapter of your life you are currently in, leaving behind, or entering into -- it is worth honoring and celebrating.


Allow this ring to be a physical reminder of your strength, perseverance, and dedication to never giving up. You are a warrior, and how lucky you are to be here now -- no matter what phase you're currently in.


  • features a 6mm (0.25") wide band
  • handstamped Moon phases
  • antique style patina
  • exterior finish is that of a fine satin and brushed appearance


Please keep in mind that each ring is custom made and completely fabricated by hand, specifically for you. The above photography is the best representation of the item that you will receive, but please note there may be slight variations as given the nature of handcrafted artisan jewelry. The made-to-order turnaround time on this particular Moon Phase Ring is seven business days.

LUNAR • Moon Phase Ring

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