• raw, natural, and unpolished Moldavite focal crystal
  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • fits ring size 9 to 10


Moldavite Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Moldavite is known to be a great diagnostic tool that highlights the source of illness and furthermore aids the healing process owing to its high vibrational energy. Also said to possess rejuvenating properties, Moldavite slows down aging by preventing mental degeneration, helps memory retention, maintain balance, and much more. In addition to that, Moldavite also helps with respiratory tract infections, allergies, gout, anemia, etc.


A stone of the heart, Moldavite is known to resonate the heart with the mind thereby enabling the two to work incoherence. It is also known to help awaken past forgotten memories and coming up with solutions in times of trouble. When the mind and body start working in a synchronized manner, the two rely on one another to reach a conclusive decision.


Referred to as the stone of the heart, Moldavite is said to directly influence the heart chakra which is responsible for regulating a balance between the interactions we have with the outside world and the ones we have with ourselves. When the heart chakra is experiencing any imbalance or blockage, our emotional responses to life are negatively affected causing us to live in fear over living in love.

Moldavite helps keep the Heart Chakra balanced and at bay. It also clears and activates the Third Eye, Crown, and Soul Star Chakras. 

This miracle stone is the possessor of multiple attributes, Moldavite can literally be used for everything and is one of the few stones that do what is needed most and what is best for the person wearing it. Moldavite is one of our top recommended stones to have in your energy field. This stone does not mess around so be prepared to have your limitations and blocks shattered so you can get out of your safety net and into your Soul's Purpose!


Please note that this particular ring specimen is from my own personal collection, made by an artisan other than myself. It has never been worn, and is brand new in condition. I'm selling it for the exact original price paid for it.

Moldavite + Sterling Silver Ring | Size 9 - 10


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