Physical, mental, and energetic healing for all issues. Over 3,000+ sessions provided for clients globally since 2011.

Energy Healing



Connecting and sharing about what it is you seek, and utilizing all of my experience to help find what can best help.

Soul Session


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Not sure what crystal is best suited for what you need? Let's work together to connect to the most appropriate crystal ally for you.

Metaphysical Healing


Yoga at Home

Learn practical ways to quieten your monkey mind, find peace while sitting in stillness, and breathing to calm your body.

Finding Stillness



Even our animal companions need some extra love and healing from time to time. Helps to amplify natural healing.

Energy Healing



Leaning on and trusting the cards to deliver messages from the Universe that help guide, answer, and provide clarity.

Card Reading


Elderly Woman at Gym

Experience a one-on-one private yoga class where you are guided safely through a practice focused on your body's needs.

Appropriate for All Bodies


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Wearing crystals is one of the best and simplest ways of utilizing them for their natural healing properties.

Healing with Crystals


handmade crystal jewelry + designs

Each crystal has metaphysical and energetic healing properties that can help us on very real, tangible, and deeply meaningful levels. Whether it's assistance with insomnia, relief from aching bones and muscles, or something that promotes self-worth -- there is a specific crystal out there that can aide in what it is you seek.

What better way to obtain the wonderful healing properties of crystals than to wear them?! A wide range of handmade jewelry offerings are always available within the shop. All crystals and components used within jewelry designs and other crystal related designs are ethically and consciously sourced, and hand-chosen by Ashley herself for the quality and energetic vibration of the crystals.

Healing current and past wounds is possible, and far less complicated than you might think.
The ability to heal is already within you. I'm here to hold space, guide, and educate you on how to tap into your inner knowing so that you can be your best self.

Ashley Clifton, M.S.Ed., RMT, LMT, + RYT200

Client + Customer Feedback


I've ordered jewelry from Ashley three times now, and each time I was so delighted by how my expectations for the design and quality were beyond exceeded. That in itself is awesome!

But Ashley doesn't stop there.

Her fiercely kind soul shines to every corner of her business and she puts so much love and intention in everything she creates. I honestly feel that when I wear the jewelry, and I know I'm not the only one!


Everything Ashley does is done with all of her heart.

Her jewelry is gorgeous, high-vibe, and I have purchased many items from her shop. I have loved and appreciated every single piece.

I have also had multiple beautiful tarot card readings, as well as a distance reiki energy healing session with Ashley. It was so enlightening and working with Ashley was just beyond anything I could have ever expected.

I cannot recommend Ashley's jewelry or her holistic health services enough!


Some people are healers, Ashley is one of them.


She is a true empath. 


Ashley is one of the most generous and caring souls I know. Her jewelry is finely crafted, and she puts her heart into every piece. I am always so excited to see a package from her in my mailbox!



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