Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept custom orders?

Custom orders and/or commissioned designs are no longer offered.

Do you have a physical business location?

There is not a brick-and-mortar business location for you to browse or shop at, as all items available are hosted online.

If I'm a local, can I skip shipping costs and meet you to pick up my order?

Due to the COVID19 pandemic and the nature of orders, all items will be shipped to your mailing address. There is not an in-person pick-up option available. All items will be shipped to you via the United States Postal Service.

Do you offer wholesale items?

No, not at this current time.

My tracking number hasn't updated in days. What now?

USPS' shipping and tracking system can be a bit wonky at times. They do their best to make the tracking system as proficient and up-to-date as it can be, but sometimes it just doesn't work in the ways that we want or expect for it to. Please be patient. Your order is on its way, in the safe hands of the United States Postal Service, and your tracking number will eventually work and update itself.

This is the most common question I'm asked, and my answer is always the same: Please give your tracking information 24 to 72 hours to completely update.

Do you offer sales or discounts?

Sales and discounts are offered from time to time, at complete random. Please visit our home page, scroll all the way to the bottom, and submit your email information to sign-up for our email newsletter. It's the best method to stay up-to-date on all sale and discount announcements, and similar topics. The best way to stay up-to-date on sale and discount announcements is to subscribe to my email newsletter, which you can do by visiting the home page and scrolling all of the way to the bottom of the page where you'll see a sign up.

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