Ashley Clifton

M.S.Ed., LMT, RMT, 200-HR RYT,
+ Psychic Medium

My intention, passion, and purpose in this lifetime to help others find that healing is possible. You need to look no further than within your own self for the profound, genuine, and authentic source from which healing is capable of happening for each and every single one of us.


Life isn't meant to be difficult, suffered, or merely survived. We are meant to thrive, surround ourselves with happiness and light, and be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be.


It took me a whole lot of walking through the darkness before I grew to understand that the brightest source of light possible could be found within me and all around me. Our intuition is there for a reason, and life flows so much better once you learn how to pay attention to it. That's what I'm here to help you do - to pay attention to that inner voice.


This website and my little business are the culmination of over a decade's worth of training, certifications, licensures, and education gained. I'm honored to hold space for those who seek holistic healing, no matter how abstract or non-traditional the methods may seem.


Please consider taking a look around at the variety of different offerings, and let me know if I can answer any questions you may have. I appreciate you visiting!

This handsome fella has been a part of my holistic wellness business endeavors since 2008. He was the guinea pig that I first started practicing Reiki Energy Healing on, as well as the first recipient of my massage techniques when I was a student in massage school several years later.


Not only is he my best friend and truest love in this lifetime, he is an incredible source of grounding for me when I'm doing distance holistic sessions for clients around the globe. It's almost as if he knows what I'm about to do, as he sits down beside me in my little meditation corner, rests near me, and provides selfless energy balancing for me that allows me to be a better conduit for my clients.


Besides, he's a pretty wonderful fella, has the kindest and goofiest personality ever, and is just a total joy to be around. He's also known to travel with me for mobile appointments for some clients, as his grounding and calming energy isn't meant for me alone.


He's also a part-time mala model for the jewelry aspect of my business, for which he's compensated fairly in Milk Bones.

Jackson Chance

Co-Founder & Snuggle Expert



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