Holistic wellness services

It is my goal to provide a variety of holistic wellness and metaphysical services for you that bring healing, guidance, and an improved quality of life to you.

Whether it's seeking to balance your energy after an illness or difficult life situation, turning to the Tarot cards for insight from the Universe, or tapping into my own psychic and intuitive abilities to help guide you in whatever way possible -- there is a vast array of benefits provided with all of the services that I offer.

Nearly all services can be conducted via a distance medium, meaning that it doesn't matter how many miles are between us for the service to be effective.

Take a quick peek at the holistic wellness services shown below, and choose the service that you'd like learn more about to be taken to a separate and independent page for said service with much more information and insight.


Help to re-balance and release stagnant energy blockages, trauma, and settle disruptions to your body's natural energy flow.


Help to strengthen your beloved animal companion's immune system, provide a sense of calmness, and aide in healing.


How can I help?
Allow me to hold space for you and what it is you seek, while utilizing all of my tools and training for the best outcome possible. 
No situation is too big or too small (or too strange).


Interested in becoming a Reiki Practitioner yourself?
Coursework is now available for Level I Reiki certification, with a wide range of more Reiki levels and areas coming soon.


Leaning on and trusting the cards to deliver messages from the Universe to help guide you, provide clarity on certain situations, and enlighten you on what it is that you seek.

crystal consult

Do you want to start implementing crystals into your life, but simply don't know where or how to start? A Crystal Consult will allow us time to examine the benefits you seek, and align you with the various crystals that are best suited.


Experience a one-on-one private yoga class where you are guided safely through a movement practice focused entirely on your body's needs. All bodies and levels are welcomed.


Learn practical ways to quieten your monkey mind, find peace while sitting in stillness, and breathing techniques to calm your nervous system.



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